Cheaters Never Win

RJs final exam started yesterday. I am proud that she did great on the first day. As I have mentioned on my previous post, it is somehow become a tradition for me to make her reviewer days before the exam week. It is not just to make everything easier for her but to instill good study habits as well.

Yesterday she brought her reviewers with her in school because the teachers give them few minutes to review before the test. She was reviewing in English Communication Arts when one of her classmates, a girl, approached her. She told RJ that it is not the test. How could that be? I made the reviewers out of the pointers given by their teachers. Of course it is not the same as the test exactly, if she meant by that. Who would know how the test paper exactly looks like unless she has a copy of it? Oh yeah, the girl was bragging that she has a copy of the test in English Communication Arts.

It is sad to know that there are adults who are teaching children that cheating is a fact of school life. Don’t they know that by tolerating, cheating can become a habit until the child gets old? Now I understand why while my daughter was studying, the girl was just playing and not reviewing the past weekend. Why should she? She can get high points anyway because she BS her way through it. Poor girl, she doesn’t know that she is not really earning good grades. Can someone teach her to do it fair and square and help her realize that cheaters never win and winners never cheat?

Parents must set as good examples. How can you teach your children to be honest if you are feeding them the answers to the tests and tolerating them to cheat? Remember that your children look up to you as their role model and they are taking note of your every action.


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