No Perfect Cook

I came from a family who loves to cook. My grandmothers on both sides were the best cooks. My father is also a good cook and I am delighted that they passed on that passion to me. However there are times that what I cooked taste way too salty or sometimes a little bland. Just like this “chicken adobo with egg”.

chicken adobo with egg

My husband said it’s as salty as deadsea salt. I don’t measure ingredients when I cook. I just balance the ingredients based on the food’s taste. And maybe this time I miscalculated the measurement of soy sauce.

“There’s no perfect cook. I maybe good but I’m not perfect and so are other cooks out there”. This is what I told my husband. I was not pissed off. I just wanted to clear that it really happens. Yes, sometimes it hurts because after an hour plus in the kitchen preparing the meal, you’ll hear negative comments. But then, his criticisms help me to know what ingredients to adjust the next time I cook the same food.

How about you, do you like it when your husband tells that he does not like much the food you prepare?

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