Great Moments with Swing Sets

RJ loves to swing. It gives her so much joy and happiness. Lately, she’s bugging us if she can have her own swing set at home. She must have been tired going to parks and playgrounds. We want to buy her swing set but the problem is we do not have enough space for that. It is one reason why sometimes I regret buying a house without a yard, there’s no enough space for RJ to play with and build her childhood memories.

Swing Set

If you are planning to buy a house, take it from me. Make sure it has yard for your children’s swing sets. If it’s in New York, swing set installation new york can help you install your children’s dream swing set complete with roof, monkey bars and even picnic table without any fuss or you can buy a kit that contains all the materials you need. If you have tight budget, then you can just make the traditional tire swing like the one we had when I was young.

Tire Swing

I remember Grandpa used to make swings out of old tires or sacks and tie them under the big mango trees using big ropes. I swing there with my siblings and cousins on lazy hours. That is one of my best childhood memories. It is sad that RJ cannot enjoy the wonderful world of original tire swing but still she can have great moments with swing sets at parks and playgrounds.

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Chilhood Memories

Childhood is one part of my life that I love to reminisce. I remember spending summer vacations at my grandparents’ ancestral house. The house is full of rustic furniture made from wood and bamboo, giving it a cool tropical look. I was helping my grandmother cleaning and wiping the furniture. I admired them so much and always wanted to have one. For me, they are as lovely as my grandmother. When my grandparents passed away, I was so sad that my father didn’t get one of them. I was crying for 3 days for they were not just adorable furniture for me, they were full of my childhood memories.

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