Chuck is Back

I am a huge fan of Zachary Levi and I love him more as Chuck, that cute computer-whiz-next-door who turned CIA agent and fell in-love with his CIA handler agent Sarah Walker. Last Holiday season, Chuck and the rest of the gang took their time off the air. It is now on its 4th season and I am excited as to what will happen next. I was bugging hubby if there’s season 4 available on Torrents yet when he went home last week with 2 episodes.  This  season is more exciting as Sarah is playing as double agent, for the CIA and for the Volkoff Industries owned by Alexi Volkoff,  a Russian international arms dealer.

Now that Chuck is back, I cannot wait to see the next episode. Yes, dearies you cannot relate if you are not watching Chuck so I suggest start downloading right from the first season.

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