Hoping for a Cold Weather

We woke up at 23°C this morning, unusual here in Metro Manila which is known for hot and humid weather conditions. Most of the time, the temperature here ascend beyond 35°C when the sun reaches overhead during mid day. But today at noon time, it was just 29°C (as per my desktop widget). I hope and pray to have this cold weather the whole year round even if it means buying sweaters and heated mattress pads for the three of us.

February is the coolest month of the year in the tropics since it is the last month of the winter season in Northern Hemisphere then it warms gradually so I think this is the coldest temperature we can have here in Metro Manila. Sad but thankful though that we don’t have freezing weather here. Hundreds have lost their lives in eastern Europe because of the severe wintry conditions and I don’t want my family to experience that.

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