Common Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

You need to do effective marketing if you want to drive your sales up. Many people mistake marketing and sales to be one and the same. It is important to distinguish these two. Marketing involves strategies to make a product attractive to consumers and to create a strong desire to make a purchase. Sales is, well, selling the product. It is more focused on how to bring in more revenues. You will see that they are closely related and cannot exist without each other. What you now want to spend time thinking about is your marketing strategy. You have to examine what you currently have in place and avoid the common marketing mistakes most companies make.


1. Do not be complacent. Just because you have a steady stream of sales revenues does not mean that you can sit back and relax. Even if you are at the top of the heap, you cannot make the mistake of being too comfortable in your position. Your competitors are more active than ever at trying to pull all the marketing tricks in the book to get ahead of you. You might just wake up one day and see that you have already been dislodged in your customers’ hearts.

2. Hold the hype. This is one of the most common marketing mistakes for industries with heavy competition. Each company would want to seem “bigger and better” than the competition. But, consumers are wise enough today. You cannot rely on hype to bring people in. Sure, you will generate a lot of interest. But, will these people who are talking about you actually buy what you are selling? What you need is an honest-to-goodness marketing campaign that raises awareness about what your product can really do and what value your customers can actually enjoy when they make a purchase.

3. Sending too much customer communication. You want to be in your customers’ consciousness, of course. But you don’t want to intrude into your customers’ lives with your barrage of mail and text messages. When you incessantly send messages to your customers several times in a day every day, you are likely to be considered pesky. When you avoid this and other common marketing mistakes, you can expect to be effective in reaching out to your customers and in driving your sales up.

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