Double Consonants and Tricky Vowels

Can you imagine a world without words? Everything would be hard to define and express for sure. Now, can you imagine a paragraph with too much misspelled words? That would be hilarious if the paragraph was written by an adult; cute if was written by a child. But there are children who are gifted and very good in spelling. RJ is one of them. I am glad she didn’t get my confused mind. 🙂

When I was in elementary, I hate words with double consonants most especially the words occasion, tomorrow and accumulate. I also hate words with tricky vowels like receive, believe and conceive. I interchanged the letters “e” and “i” most of the time. Thank God my spelling improved before I entered high school.

I remember there was a time in high school when my classmate and I debated over traveling and travelling. A teacher over heard us and said we can use either of the two. The Americans spell the word as traveling while the British spell it as travelling… just like check (American) and cheque (British). We laughed when we learned that we’re both right and our teacher laughed with us.

I must say am still not perfect. Until now there are times that I get confused with words with double consonants. Thanks to Microsoft Word that automatically corrects the misspelled words. lol!

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