Investing in Communications Training for All Employees

In any organization, interpersonal communication skills are highly important thus, communications training is essential. Employees have to communicate with each other and with their bosses and subordinates in order to coordinate their activities and facilitate productivity. There are different ways through which people communicate. Synching the way your employees communicate is an initiative that you should invest in. The effect of enhanced communications within and across departments will be more than worth the small amount of money you would spend on running a communications program for your employees.

communications training
The following are some of the communications training programs you can offer as part of your developmental plans:

Business writing and communications

This is the very basic communications training that you should have. Your employees should be equipped with the skills to express themselves verbally or in written form using the proper business language and tone. These skills are particularly useful in interoffice communications which include emails, memos, and reports.

Effective presentation

Some employees will have to be asked to present their reports in front of a group of fellow employees, managers, or perhaps the company’s key decision makers. In such situations, they need the skills to impress their audience, to effectively get their point across, and to get the response that they want from their audience. All these start with planning the presentation itself, from making an outline of salient points and organizing information to lead to the desired conclusion to rehearsing the delivery of the presentation. Proper training will teach your employees the basic elements of an effective presentation as well as the different techniques they can use to convince their audience about what they are presenting.

Crisis communications and media relations

Employees should also undergo training to prepare them for crisis situations involving the media. In these situations, employees should always be ready to communicate the company’s stand on the issues at hand. They should also be alert and vigilant about any potentially damaging publicity in mainstream media as well as in emerging media like the internet and social networking sites. Media training is not confined to only negative publicity. Corporate spokespersons and perhaps even the department heads and executives should learn how to get the most favorable response from the media during product launches and promotional events too. With the right media handling skills, your employees can help you minimize the risks of bad publicity and maximize media mileage on good publicity.

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Wireless Communications

Converging to form new generations of applications and services are the two most significant technological discoveries of the late 20th century-the mobile phone and the internet. Think about how these wireless communications transformed the world and still continuous to move and emerge new applications. We take advantage of the on-line services and benefit all areas of daily life such as e-mail, banking, on-line shopping, monitoring stocks and shares, ordering and booking air travel tickets, downloading games, music and movies, promote products, so on and so forth. In short, we can do business whenever and wherever without going anywhere as long as we have mobile phone and internet.

It is easy to acquire mobile phone because they are available in every mall and gadget centers and there are several options in acquiring internet connection such us dial-up connection or phone lines which is popular to home users, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) line, or cable modem. Satellite connections are also possible. However, not every connection type is available in all locations. Visit for the information needed and for the comparison and capabilities of the above-mentioned connections.

I am hoping and looking forward that the technology developers will open up new opportunities for business and pleasure, and provide more glimpses of the future wireless communications.

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