The Rapid Technology and the Non-Tech Savvy Me

Everyday new gadgets are invented resulting to rapid technological developments. Technology is occurring fast that most people are trying to comprehend. A mobile phone that was released last month may not be today’s latest trend anymore. So to aptly adapt and remain updated, it is important to keep eyes and ears on the latest trends in the market just like what my youngest brother does. He is the tech savvy in the family. He is not just addicted to gadget and accessories. He is also a console gamer since he was a teenager, may it be PC games, PSP, Wii and lately, PS3. In fact, he just asked me if he can use my Paypal to buy ps3 keyboard online.

For some people, it is very important to keep pace with the changing technology. They change their gadgets as if they are just changing their clothes because they are afraid to be left behind. But for me, a non-tech savvy, it doesn’t matter if my mobile phone is outdated. I am naïve or get intimidated with different gadgets though. As a matter of fact I can adapt with ease. It just so happen that I am contented with what I have…my mobile that is not so trendy and my computer that is humming almost 24 hours.

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