Two Inches Off My Tummy Area

I went out with my friends last Friday night. We really had fun, drinking, dancing and picture taking. I look well in the pictures but I would have looked greater if not for those bulges on my torso most especially on the abdominal area. I am not eating dinner for two weeks now and lost four pounds already but it seems like my waist line is still of the same size. Do I need to wear a corset to bring back my old body shape?

In the past, corsets are bodice reserved for aristocracy and worn only as undergarment. Now, it can be worn also as outerwear and anyone can wear it. Corset is worn to mold and shape the torso and is believed that wearing tightly laced corset for extended periods can eventually reduce the waist size. I do not know if this is true but I have seen those pictures of women wearing corsets during the Victorian era and they really have curvy figures.

I know that since I have already given birth and aging at the same time, it is impossible to get back to my old body shape. All I want is two inches off my tummy area. Not too much to ask, is it?

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