Three Foods to Die For

I find this week’s theme hard to answer as there are many foods that I am dieing for. I can’t choose which is to post because I love them all so I posted all three of them.

Who would not love to have this big glass of Iceberg’s halo-halo? I am always craving for it summer or not. Iceberg’s halo-halo is literally filled with 12 tasty ingredients with 2 scoops of ice cream on top, but I think it’s their macapuno balls that made their halo-halo so flavorful. I can’t get enough of it.

Second is pork chicharon (crackling). Chicharon is different parts of pork (usually pork rind) that is seasoned and deep fried. It is best eaten with spicy vinegar. I am craving for it everyday. It is just sad that I can’t eat it everyday or else I would die early because of hypertension.

Last but not the least, “isaw ng manok” (chicken intestines), marinated in barbeque sauce then grilled. It is best served with vinegar mixed with chopped onions, ground pepper, soy sauce, and chili.

(courtesy of my friend Juliette Casabal)

Here they are…foods to die for. The culprits for the fats that are unstoppable bulging everywhere in my body. Blame it to my excessive appetite and cravings.

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