The Best Place to Eat Out

If you will ask my daughter where is the best place to eat out or where does she wants to eat she will only have 2 answers, either Jollibee or KFC…kids…kids. No doubt that fried chicken, both in Jollibee and KFC, are perfect and they are the best place to dine-out for kids but not for us. So what’s the best eat out place for me and Rhonnel? Dyaraaan…DAD’s!!!

Why? Because Dad’s is an ultimate “eat all you can” restaurant with more than 200 buffet choices for almost P700 ($15). Definitely a good place to pig-out. ¬†You can have a cross over plate for Saisaki (Japanese cuisine), Dad’s (European cuisine) and Kamayan (Filipino cuisine). You can also have an “eat all you can” in just one cuisine for P385 ($9) if I am not mistaken.

And for only P159 ($3.50), you can have an “eat all you canmeryenda (snack). No, this is not a paid post. I just love Dad’s!

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