My Best Nap

Since I blog I seldom get complete hours of sleep which is 7-9 hours according to health experts, much more now that I am beholden to wake up as early as 4:30am to prepare breakfast because hubby and RJ leaves the house early. Six hours of sleep is the most I can have every night and I would be very lucky to have an additional 30 minutes. So last Sunday afternoon, when I got the chance to take a nap, I did take a nap. I do not know if you can still call it a nap because according to dictionary, nap is a short period of sleep during daytime. Mine was 5 hours (2pm-7pm), too long for a nap, huh? If hubby didn’t wake me up for dinner, then maybe I’d still be asleep until morning. Hooray! It was the best daytime sleep I had in my entire life I guess and one of my bests Mom-me time.

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