Despicable Me

Family Adventure Movies is our theme for this week and for that I chose Despicable Me, a computer-animated 3D comedy film.  The characters may not be blood-related but after their adventures they settle down to live a happy life as a family.

Gru (voiced by Carell), the man who wants to still the moon, delights in all things wicked. He adopted three orphan girls, Margo, Editha and Agnes, and uses them as pawns for stealing the shrink ray from his opponent vector. He needs the shrink ray for his grand scheme and that is stealing the moon. However, his adventures with the little girls changed him. The world’s greatest villain became the most loving Dad.

Despicable Me is goofy but not overly loud, hilarious yet heart-warming. Hubby and I enjoyed it with RJ. For that I will rate it 8/10.

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