Filipino Discipline at Its Finest (Part 3)

Whenever I go out I always have my camera with me and act as paparazzi ready to take pictures of anything that I find interesting. Good thing that I have it that day and was able to catch these undisciplinary acts. On the signage is “Bawal magbaba at magsakay dito” (loading and unloading here is prohibited/no loading and unloading here).

Filipino Discipline

But the jeep where I and my daughter are riding pulled over right in front of the signage then the barker (the one waving his hand) called for the passengers. Another Filipino discipline at it’s finest that was caught in the act.

discipline at its finest

I just want to clarify that not all Filipinos are like them. It’s sad though that there are few who until now do not know how to follow instructions and rules. When are they going to learn?

By the way, did you notice the man in red? Oh yes, he’s going to pee at the light post, there in public, in broad daylight. Tsk tsk tsk!

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Discipline – Key to a Successful Weight Loss

With all those ads about work-out DVDs, new slimming equipment, books about weight loss, and diet pill that works, it’s no surprise that people are willing to spend small fortunes on products and procedures that will keep them slim and fit. Who would not want to look good anyway?

But before you take your first step to weight loss, you must keep in mind exercise alone, without the proper diet, will not ensure weight loss and vice versa. That is based on my personal experience. I have tried different methods on how to lose weight; aerobics, Tae Bo, badminton, diet pills and slimming tea. Sadly, none of them worked. Now I want to try diet plans.


One of those days when I was trying to lose weight.

I know the 3 week diet will work for me if coupled with discipline. Discipline is a part of successful weight loss and part of being disciplined is creating a habit…habit of eating healthy and having regular exercise.

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Loving Discipline

Finally, I got a message from Tita Edna through Facebook. We haven’t heard from her since she went to Chicago and it’s been ages. By the way, Tita Edna is Mom’s sister. We’re very happy to know that she is fine together with her family. She was like my second mother. I lived with them when I was in college. I was not very close with her though because she was kind of strict that I really had to toe the line. No, she was not a spanker but she’s a disciplinarian and I found her so intimidating. I thought that she was controlling me so I left their house without a word and lived with my other aunt.

Tita Edna with her family

As I mature I understand that what Tita Edna did was for my own good, that she just wanted me to finish my studies, have a good life and be a responsible adult. I haven’t thanked her yet for everything so I want to send her a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers through Chicago flower delivery. That is to show my appreciation, love and affection for her loving discipline after so many years. I think this Mother’s day would be the pecfect time to do that.

Now that I am a mother and an aunt to five active kids, I know exactly how Tita Edna feels. Just like her, I believe in loving discipline and caring correction. I do not believe in physical punishment but I scold and lecture them when they thrive on boundaries. I know they sometimes find me strict and intimidating but time will come they would understand that they have to be taught discipline.

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