New Toy for Little Ms. Curious

My daughter RJ loves Science. It’s her favorite subject in fact. She is so curious about plants, animals and other living things. She is amazed on experimentations and their results and always bugging me how the medical apparatus such as ecg, ultrasound, x-ray, etc., work. Sometimes I feel sad that I do not know all the answers to her questions so to feed her curiosity and provide her with valuable concepts, I am obliged to do some research on the net.

The other day when she got this gift, a stereo microscope set, she was singing with glee.


It’s supposed to be a Christmas gift from her Ninong Chris and Ninang Jeanette but it was only last Saturday that they were able to meet again. I love seeing RJ with that expression…too much happiness and excitement.

And so upon arriving at our house, our little Ms. Curious explored her new toy. We collected some insects (though there are also ant and spider included in the set) tiny buds, grass and roots. Here are the naked eye and microscopic images of the different things we viewed.

crystal crystal

dried buds dried tiny buds

hair follicles hair follicle (that’s mine)

porous object porous object

spider spider

Stereo microscope is not as complex as the compound microscope but it is one of the best gifts for your kids. Just find any object in your house or yard, place it on the stage then voila! With this new toy, our little Ms. Curious can gain better understanding and appreciation of nature and living things. How I wish there’s also a toy ecg or ultrasound to feed more of little Ms. Curious’ inquisitiveness. Lol!

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