Common Misconceptions on Network Marketing Business

Among the many business ventures available today, network marketing business could be the least favorite. Why? Because over the years, this business venture has acquired negative reputation and is considered to be unreliable and associated with scams. There had been horror stories about people losing their hard earned money because of multi-level marketing scams. Yet there are also true to life tales of success in this type of business. Here are some common misconceptions about network marketing that aren’t necessarily true.
network marketing

Network Marketing as a Scam

Network marketing is basically defined as a business strategy that pays out distributors not only for the sales they have generated but also for the sales of those they have recruited. It does sounds like a scheme or a fraud that promises compensation for recruiting other than selling real products, however, this strategy is considered legitimate. Avon, Tupperware, Sophie Paris are just some of the top brands employing this strategy worldwide.

Network Marketing is Effortless

Getting into network marketing is the easiest, most effortless thing about it, but succeeding in this endeavor is an entirely different matter. A lot of people fail in this and it’s true that network marketing is not for everybody. You have to put effort in it, research and be able to sell your products. Find a product with a good platform because when you don’t believe in the product yourself, you won’t be able to sell it to others, more so, how will you train others to market the products and generate sales?

Network Marketing’s “Get Rich Quick” Schemes

“Get Rich Quick” schemes especially offered by networking marketing businesses can sound really suspicious. Sometimes though, this is an effective “come-on” for people who want to earn cash without putting in real effort. If the offer seems too good to be true, don’t jump-in, rather take time to know more about the company and its products. You have to realize what network marketing really is about and that earning extra income through this requires you to sell successfully and training your recruits to generate sales as well. So if you have the excellent PR skills and you are good in sales, you might earn more, but don’t expect to have money pouring in without you working hard for it.

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