Health and Safety at Work: How to Prevent an Accident

An accident at work can have catastrophic results so keep alert to ensure that accidents never happen in the first place with these simple steps.

Understand emergency drills

Every workplace has regular fire drills to ensure that all personnel understand the correct procedures to follow if the worst happens. Some employees consider these drills to be recreation time and fail to understand the importance of knowing what to do in a life-threatening situation. Lack of knowledge could cost valuable time in an emergency, or even cause fatalities to occur, when it could so easily have been avoided. Make sure you know what to do and where to go if an emergency happens.

Wear the correct clothing

Uniforms and personal protective equipment are designed to keep workers easily identifiable and safe. Wearing hard hats and reinforced boots may seem redundant for much of the time, but personal protective equipment is designed to be fit for purpose and that purpose is to protect you. Uniforms and equipment may be unstylish and unflattering but they are designed to save you from serious accidents, so always make full use of them.

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Carry out risk assessments

Understanding the dangers you could face in your workplace helps you to stay one step ahead of potential dangerous accidents. Your company should have risk assessments for all processes and procedures which could cause harm. Make sure you are familiar with the risks you face and follow all safety procedures at all times.

Stay alert at work

Late nights, lack of sleep and lapses of concentration are responsible for many of the accidents that occur in the workplace. Tiredness can cause errors of judgement, so make sure you get enough sleep and are focused and ready for work. If you are really struggling, ask your line manager for a break or take a quick walk outside in the fresh air to help you to regain your focus.

Exercise your own judgement

Refuse to do any job of work or procedure for which you have not received adequate training. If you feel that your safety is being compromised you are perfectly within your rights to refuse to continue until you have received the correct training. Your supervisor should assist you in complying with procedures and regulations and should organise appropriate training where necessary.

Look out for dangers

If you happen to see something in the workplace which you feel could be a potential cause for accidents, be sure to alert your managers. Too many people feel it is not their responsibility to report structural repairs or dangers, trusting that someone else will take care of it. Take responsibility for anything that you feel is an accident waiting to happen and make sure that action is taken to put it right.

Read the notice board

Companies are legally obliged to display warnings and safety information in a prominent place. Make sure you study any posters, signs or instructions that are on display and follow the rules that are set down regarding safety and behaviour.

Know your emergency team

Certain personnel within a company should be given roles in the case of emergency and it is up to all employees to make themselves familiar with these people. Certain employees will be trained in first aid, for example, so make sure you know where your nearest first aid helper is, where the first aid kits are kept and who to contact regarding an accident in the

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