A Nightmare…Please Pray For Me

I was rushed to the hospital, Lung Center of the Philippines, last Monday night, May 18, around 8pm. I can’t breathe. I was like fish that got out from the aquarium, gasping for air and coughing to death. I cried when I saw my husbands reaction. He was so worried, nervous and he didn’t know what to do. I have so many bags but he got the old one and put inside two pairs of my undergarments, two blouses and some of my stuffs, just in case I’ll be admitted to the hospital. We have no nanny and house help so we left our daughter to a neighbor who is also my husband’s officemate.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the staff attended to me immediately and they were all accomodating and polite. They got my vital signs and had me x-rayed. After 15 minutes, the result came out. My lungs are clear and my vitals signs are stable. The doctor precribed medicine for cough and antibiotics and advised me to just continue my inhaler for asthma. We went home that night. I hugged my daughter tightly and kissed her. I thought I won’t be able to see her again. It was a nightmare for me. When I was unpacking the bag we’ve brought to the hospital, it was only then that we realized my husband wasn’t able to bring me any pants. He was very disoriented. 

The next day, I had difficulty in breathing again. My husband suggested that we should seek for a second opinion for there might be something wrong with my throat. We went to ear, eye, nose doctor (ENT) that day. My husband was right. The doctor diagnosed me with Acid Reflux. Acid reflux is a disorder that happens when acid of the stomach flows back into the esophagus up to the throat and voicebox. You can visit Kusina Ko for some details about Acid Reflux. The doctor prescribed 6 different kinds of medicines, shown in the picture above. I have no choice but to take them. I’m feeling much better now though I’m worried for my liver and kidney for they will absorb these meds. Waah!

It’s hard to do but I will follow the doctor’s advices. I will take care of myself for my daughter, my husband, my parents and other people who love me. This was the reason why I wasn’t able to blog hop for two days. I know you will understand, guys. Now, I am asking for your prayers.

I am commending the staffs of the Lung Center Of The Philippines for the utmost attention they have given me. I would like to thank Dr. Cesar Joaquin A. Chavez and all those who showed their concerns and prayed for me. For my husband who is always with me through twists and turns of life and my daughter who is giving me the strength to go forward and the will to fight, thank you very much and I love you both! Most of all, to our Dear Saviour and Creator;


“Oh Lord, I am not questioning you for all that is happening right now.
I know you have purpose and that you are giving these to us because
you know that we can handle these. I may not be worthy of your love
but please help us surpass all of these. 

Thank You for your never ending love and blessings.
Thank You for always lifting me up and for comforting me with peace.
Thank You for guiding us always and for Your unconditional love. Amen”



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