Business Benefits – 4 Ways To Expand Your Business In NZ

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If you run a business and are trying to break into the New Zealand marketplace, with so many well-established companies already present, you may be finding it difficult to get your foot in the door. However, modern innovations in business have started to make expansion easier in virtually every country across the globe.

Nowadays, with the advent of virtual offices and coworking spaces, you have a number of options to expand your business ventures in New Zealand. So many in fact, that you may not even know where to start. It can be difficult to keep up with all the latest advances, as there is just so much else to focus on in the contemporary business world.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which you can grow your business ventures in New Zealand.

Test The Waters With A Virtual Office

Virtual offices are, essentially, everything you need to run a business without actually having a physical office space. With a premium virtual office service, you are free to use your providers address on all correspondence and marketing materials, as well as having a dedicated receptionist to answer calls in your business name. This allows you to give the impression of having a brick and mortar business in New Zealand, while you are feeling out the marketplace.

Utilise A Coworking Space

Time is of the essence in business and the great thing about utilising the services of a premium coworking space in New Zealand is that you gain instant access to a fully-fledged fitted-out office from which to work, take meetings, and carry out business related tasks straight away without delay. With a flexible month-to-month fee you can be working from the most prestigious office building in Auckland in an instant without having to spend valuable time scoping out office locations, setting up essentials like internet and phone connections or hiring support staff. As a growing business, it is unlikely that you would be able to afford to rent or own an office in a building of this calibre yourself, and a coworking space provider can make it happen straight away.

Start Building A Strong Network

With the diverse range of businesses in the New Zealand marketplace, there are tonnes of opportunities to connect with multinational companies operating in the country. This is especially true of major cities like Auckland and Wellington. With any business expansion, you are going to need all of the help you can get. A coworking space can get you started by immediately connecting you to hundreds or even thousands of professionals in not only your own industry but others as well. With premium coworking providers you’ll also gain access to a members-only online community where you can make further connections. Networking in this way will set you up for success in the future as in the business world, it’s all about who you know not what you know.

Choose A Premium Provider

It cannot be stressed enough that you need to make the right choice in provider when it comes to virtual offices and coworking spaces. Not every provider is going to offer the same locations, equipment, or services. The expansion of your business is far too important to make an uninformed decision on your coworking needs. Take your time, ask questions, and make sure you have evaluated all of your needs before you choose a provider.

Expansion Ease With Modern Innovations

Business expansion will be a challenge, so you need to have the right support to succeed. You are no longer restricted to traditional brick and mortar ways of growing your business and with an open mind and new ways of doing things, you will make an impact. Take a look at the virtual office solutions and coworking spaces available, and you may be surprised at what they can do for your business growth.

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Why Your Business Should Consider Investing in Warehouse Space

With a business that is expanding you may find that you don’t have enough space in the area that you are currently using. You may be thinking about moving to a larger business, but have you thought about investing in some warehouse space? It might be time to consider investing in some warehouse space to suit your growing business. Here are 5 ways that investing in warehouse space could benefit your business.

warehouse space

Buy in Bulk

One great advantage of having warehouse space for storage is that you will be able to buy goods in bulk. Whether it is goods that you use for your business in the products and services that you provide, or products that you sell, having a warehouse to store everything in will mean that you can save a lot of money by buying in bulk. Most products attract savings if you buy in bulk, so this might be a valuable opportunity to expand into some savings for your business.

More Room for Delicate Products

Depending on what your business is, you may have delicate products that need to be stored in a particular way. Often the lack of space for storage may cause you to store your stock in less than positive conditions and you may lose some due to it getting broken, or damaged during the storage process. Having a larger space for storage will allow you to expand the area that you store everything, and employ better storage facilities for your business which could save you a lot of money in the long run by giving you some Elbowroom.

More Space for Storage

Often with a growing business, even one that does not sell a product, there is a need for storage of files and other information that relates to the business. Having more space for everything will mean that you know where to find it all when you need to access it again.

Have Everything in the One Space

If your business has expanded to the point where you have needed to hire a storage unit, or the stock is split among different premises, it may be a hassle for you and waste time. Having a warehouse space where you have your office and storage areas will mean that you can have everything under the one roof. This will mean that all staff are in the same place and can communicate more effectively than if they were phoning each other from different premises.

Expand Your Business

For a business that has been pushing for expansion but is limited by space, the investment of a larger warehouse will be one for the future. With more space for storage, and to have more staff on hand it could mean the difference between staying small, and moving forward into new ways. Lack of space can be a big factor in preventing a business from being as great as it can be, so this sort of investment is a win/win for everyone!

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