Stylish Eyeglass Frames

Lately I have been having headache, blurred visions and have a bit trouble reading. I think it has something to do with my eyes because I have been using the computer too much. I need to visit an optician to have my eyes checked before things get worst.

I am wondering how I will look like if ever I will need to wear a pair of glasses. Will I look older or smarter? I know glasses can look really nice at a person, making him/her look witty and clever but I can’t imagine myself wearing eyeglasses though. Another big question is what frame would fit me best? Good thing that it is now possible to fit glasses online at” rel=”nofollow” using the virtual try-on and I tried it. I uploaded my photo, chose some eyeglasses and did some adjustments. It is just like fitting the real eyeglasses and these are the 4 glasses that look good on me.

1) Tretorn Marna, 2) Phoebe Couture, 3) Arabella, 4) Jones New York.

I love all four of these stylish eyeglass frames for women. If only I could afford to have them all. Now that I know I look good with the glasses, I got excited to visit the optician…the sooner the better I think.

Do you want to know too how you will look like with the glasses on? Visit Choose from their fashionable frames and try the virtual try-on. I am sure you’re going to have so much fun and you won’t stop on trying just a pair.

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