Facebook’s Impact and Influence

An old friend/high school classmate, added me to her Facebook friends yesterday. The last time I saw her was when we had our batch reunion three years ago. We had a little reminiscing of our high school days and experiences together with our other classmates in high school who happen to be our Facebook friends as well. We talked about how our old classmates look like now; who turned to be he ugly ducklings and the golden swans. Lol!

It is amazing how Facebook as well as other Social Networking sites bring people together. But I must say in all Social Networks, Facebook is the one that brought impact and influenced people’s lives the most. It does not only help people to find and have contacts with their long lost friends and classmates, former officemates and relatives overseas; it also opened new opportunities for others. I have friends who got job and business because of Facebook. I can’t blame why most people love this Social Network very much. I even see people wearing funny tshirts with icons like this one.

But of course if you are not a Facebook fan, you won’t find it funny. And if you are one of those who see Facebooking as a waste of time, maybe you’re irked by now because I am singing it praises. It is because Facebook helps me know how other people think most especially those who are dear to me. I am fascinated by their rants about the traffic, angst on economic crisis, political views, lovely quotes and funny jokes. Oh yes, I don’t want to be left behind. I will also shout what’s on my mind, be it  humor or outrage, to the whole world.

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