“Me” Time on Rainy Weekend

I enjoyed the long weekend though it was raining cats and dogs. We bought roasted chicken, cake and ice cream and celebrated Father’s day at home. I savored every moment with hubby and RJ. I kind of missed them these past days as I was left alone in our house the whole day everyday. The rainy weekend was also bonding moment for hubby and RJ. They played computer games while I was reading “Daddy’s Little Girl” of Mary Higgins Clark. That was my “me” time. Though my eyes didn’t get the rest they needed, my brain did. No blogging for four days as I got really hooked in the novel. I felt as if I was Ellie Cavanaugh, the character in the book.

Daddy’s Little Girl
I love blogging but reading will always be my first love. I really had a great “me” time.


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Father’s Day Celebration

We celebrated father’s day yesterday in a simple way. We went to the mall and ate our lunch at Tokyo Tokyo then Rhonnel (my hubby’s name) and RJ played at time zone. They are really best buddies when it comes to activities and video games.

At around 2pm, we ate hearty snack at Shakey’s then went to supermaket afterwards and bought some supplies. RJ always gets her own small grocery cart and picks the food she likes.

…and our Father’s Day gift for Rhonnel? A new pair of size 11 rubber shoes for his Sundays’ basketball.

Rhonnel said he can make 5 points every game. Maybe with this new pair of shoes, he can do 20 points. lol! It was an exhausting day but we all enjoyed. Hope you enjoyed your Father’s Day celebration too. Have a great week everyone!

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