Fish Spa Bonding

When we went to Manila Ocean Park for the second time RJ was so excited not just because of the Oceanarium but because of the fish spa as well. We did not try it the first time we went there but I promised her we will try it on our next visit and so we did. The tiny fishes fed on our deadly skin. It was ticklish at first but felt good afterwards.

big fishes for the mommies

Fish spa has become a fashionable treatment. Most of them can be found attached to oceanariums. I do not know if there are salons here offering fish spa. Fish spa also known as Doctor Fish, is originally from southern Turkey and Northern Syria. It is used to cure various skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. The fishes feed on dead skin leaving it soft, supple and clean.

smaller fishes for the girls

Fish spa is good natural form of exfoliation and relaxation treatment. It is also a great experience and bonding moment for moms and daughters.

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