The Magic That Flowers Give In A Business Place

The presence of flowers in a certain place or event is indeed doing some of sort of magic that makes everything look cool and fresh. It isn’t true that only women or girls could appreciate because it isn’t totally gender specific. In fact, it has been discovered that flowers have an emotional impact on human beings. It has an immediate impact on happiness that is universal and it happens to all ages.  Their presence has also been discovered to have a long term positive effect on moods. It also makes intimate connections that could lead to increased contact with family and friends.

flowers in business place

Every year, we celebrate numerous occasions and the majority of these events have the involvement of flowers. They may serve as a decorative tool in the venue or may be given as a form of appreciation in the form of a bouquet. One of the major celebrations that would need their presence would be the holidays or the Christmas season. You can never go wrong when it comes to florist specializes in Christmas decorations . You will be assured that you  are getting the best on the market at a reasonable price.

Another feeling that flowers give is, when they are being placed in a certain office space. Accordingly, flowers symbolize sharing and their presence would indicate that the entire company or everyone in those office spaces are willing to share whatever you need from them. Flowers also bring a positive aura especially when they are fresh and alive. There are varieties of flowers that can be placed in a pot and can bloom even when they are placed inside enclosed areas.

Just imagine getting inside a plain and bare place – You will also feel empty and lonely compared to entering a place where you are greeted with brightly colored flowers.

This must have been the reason why flower shops last long compared to other businesses in a row of stores. There is always someone that needs them for a special occasion.

In fact, during wedding ceremonies or celebrations, the florist of the event has his/her own line of work. They will be responsible for all the flower arrangements starting from the venue of the ceremony, to the reception area and even the fabulous bouquet of the bride.

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You’ll Never Go Wrong With Flowers

My husband seldom gives me flowers. May be because I am not the “trying to be cute” type of woman, he thinks I don’t like flowers. He does not know that even though I don’t gush over beautiful flowers, I still want to receive a bouquet of red roses once in a while most especially if they are given unexpectedly. He also thinks that it is not practical. Sigh!

To most men, giving flowers is impractical because women can’t get anything from it. It’s just a bunch of soft colorful petals. Besides, not all women love them.  Well, you are wrong. Here are the reasons why you should grow flowers in your garden.

  1. Though each woman has her own personality, receiving flowers would crack a grin on her face.
  2. Women are sensual. They respond stronger to their senses than men do. They love to see beautiful things, feel softness and smell fragrances. In short, they will appreciate flowers even they don’t love it.
  3. It is the best and easiest way to express your feelings…from romantic to friendly to something in between.
  4. Flowers can be given time and time again yet remain special.
  5. It can be grown in your garden. It doesn’t matter if it is red roses or not because it is not the flowers themselves that make her smile but the gesture and compassion that is enveloped in them.
  6. Giving flowers does not only draw positive responses to the receiver but to the giver as well. According to research, giving flowers elicits real smile.

Now that the Valentine’s Day is approaching, why not cut those flowers in your garden? I know there are many Valentines gift ideas but you’ll never go wrong with flowers. Convinced enough? Don’t get me wrong…we do not own a flower nor a gardening equipment shop. I am a woman so I know what a woman would feel once she receives flowers. It will make her giggle like teens. It will give her excitement and makes her feel special and loved.

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Roses for My Birthday

I cannot remember when the last time hubby gave me flowers. While most men know that majority of women love receiving flowers, hubby is different. He is loving and romantic but he is not fond of giving flowers. I think I only received flowers from him once since we met 14 years ago. He likes it more to surprise me with the things that he thinks I love the most like overnight on a resort, short vacation or those things that I am dreaming to have.

What hubby does not know is, just like any other women, receiving flowers makes a positive difference in my day, roses in particular. Just a bunch or roses would crack a grin on my lips and would make me sing my favorite song the whole day. It short, it would make my day complete.

The flowers that each woman wants to receive depend on the woman herself. Some love daisies, some like tulips, but for me rose is the perfect flower that symbolizes love and affection and it does not matter if it is red, white, or pink. I find roses, soft, delicate and sweet. And now that my birthday is just around the corner, I would love to have a bouquet of roses from hubby. I would love it more if it will be delivered in a surprise.

So for men out there, if you want to make your girlfriend, wife or mother happy most especially on special occasions, send flowers to their homes or offices. It does not matter if it is expensive or not. The fact that you took the effort to send them flowers as reminder of your love is enough for them to giggle like a child. You can couple it with huggable stuffed toy or chocolate for a more dramatic surprise.

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