Free at Last

I am free from the obligations in our homeowners association. The new set of officers for our homeowners association were elected last Saturday. The proclamation of the new officers will be held this Saturday, and their oath-taking to be scheduled soon. This means more time for my family, for cooking, blogging and blog hopping. Yeepee!

I held the position as secretary for 1 year and six months. My obligation for the association consumed much of my time. I sacrificed for I want to help in the improvement of my community. I thought it was an easy job being the secretary for I will only handle paper works but I was wrong. I had to join other projects, community activities, attend meetings, etc. That was exhausting but fulfilling too. I got the chance to socialize, meet other people and attend parties. What I like most is I gained new friends. My obligation is over but still I can meet these beautiful good friends once in a while.

The turn-over of the documents is on the last day of this month. I am free at last!


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