Reunion at the Funeral

My families, both on mother and father side, are organizing reunions once a year. It is fun to have this get-together once in a while but most of the time only few attend the organized reunions because everyone is busy flourishing their careers. I know it should not be this way but it seems like funeral is the best place for family reunion. Based on my observation, wakes and funerals are best attended by relatives than weddings and birthdays. It is sad that it is the only occasion that the families get together in complete count.

During the funeral
After the internment

When my Aunt died last week, I was able to see again family members and relatives whom I haven’t seen for a long time. Those who are living in different provinces came to express their sympathies. Those who are not in good terms gathered in spirit. I am glad that they came to share the pain, express their love for my Aunt and pay their last respect. But it would be happier if we can all gather in an organized reunion wherein we can enjoy and have fun and not during this emotionally overwhelming time.

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Our Gift

I am sorry if I keep on blogging about Tita Cora. She’s on my mind every single minute. As I have posted, I don’t know when I can get over her sudden death so please bear with me.

I only know few people who are as good-hearted as Tita Cora. She helped a lot of people and because of that many people helped her family back in this time of grief. They contributed goods and cash that my Uncle did not need to apply for loans or cash advances. We raised funds more than enough for her funeral and internment. The funds may not erase the pain we are feeling right now but because of it we were able to buy Tita Cora a piece of land on a private cemetery. That’s the only gift we could give her in return for all of her kindness, a decent funeral.

Losing her is very painful for the whole family but I believe this emotional suffering would end in due time. I know Tita Cora is now at peace with the Lord and she will always be remembered because of her good deeds. Her memories will remain in our hearts…forever.

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