My 3 Ideal Lazada Gadgets

In this day of technology where human intelligence and internet evolved, not only men but also women are the primary consumers of tech gadgets and accessories. They are happy to try every bit of technology that is going most especially the small yet feature-rich ones. This is not because people are becoming lazier, but because through these gadgets, people are able to accomplish complicated tasks in lesser time thus, allowing them to do more things in a day.

The question is what are the ideal gadgets? Well, it depends on a person’s needs and preference. I browsed Lazada PH for ideal gadgets and here are my top 3 ideal Lazada gadgets.

Sony Smart Watch

sony smart watch

This functional and stylish gadget is a good pick to accessorize your smart phone. It is literally text messages, emails, social media updates, calendar, organizer, fitness applications, and more, on your wrist. It is synchronized with your smart phone and will alert you if someone is reaching out to you. You can decide right away if the alert is important or not. You can keep track of everything that is happening in your phone without taking it out from your bag. You’ll save a lot of time in a day.


Mi 3

Smartphone is now an everyday necessity. Long gone are the days that cell phones are used for calling and texting. With smartphones, you can do almost everything, from banking to broadcasting. Mi 3 is a sleek and stunningly sexy smartphone with many features and easy to use interface. It is recommended for heavy users and gamers. You can run heavy game apps without having lags. It is one of the best smartphones you can buy without losing your pocket strings.

Power bank

power bank

Power bank is more likely an accessory than a gadget but it is a must have. Powerful devices such as smartphones could drain your battery in a short time. It is frustrating when you need to call someone badly then your battery died and you‘re not able to charge it. So if you travel a lot, you need to have a power bank to keep your cell phone charged at all times. You can get 6 charges on powerful power banks. There are also power banks that can charge any device including laptops and tablets.

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Safety Should Be Taken Seriously

Abraham Maslow would not bother to place safety on the second level of his hierarchy of needs diagram if it is not that important. In fact, even if it comes next to the physiological needs, safety has never been out of anyone’s priority in everything that they do. Some people can sustain eating unhealthy foods at some times or perhaps live in not so comfortable room. However, when it comes to safety, it has been inculcated inside everyone’s mind that if this thing would be compromised, it can be equivalent to a serious injury or even death.

Compromised safety inside a workplace is a big “No-no”. If you can sense that the company is not issuing safety gears to their employers, then better not pursue the acceptance of the employment no matter how high is the offered salary.

Every institution has their they own safety precautions. Those companies wherein their employees are handling harmful chemicals, their protective gear should be complete. It can be composed of but are not limited to safety suit, boots, face shield or safety glasses, hard hats, gloves, masks and hair caps.

face shield (from the web)

It doesn’t matter if you would look like an alien in your workplace. What’s important is your safety.

For those working in the medical parlance also have their own safety measure. This would include vaccination or prophylaxis for a certain grave disease. They are handling patients or people with illnesses and with proper assessment, they would be able to distance themselves if the mode of transmission would be direct contact.

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Worthy and Perfect Gift for Hubby

Everyone is crazy over tablets and I am one of them. Who won’t like to have this slim gadget that is fun to use? It is sleek yet provides web access through wifi that makes it valuable.

Tablet would be a worthy and perfect gift for my husband this Father’s Day. It may be luxury item for others but not for hubby who is always on the go. He needs it for his e-reading and office documents. If only I have saved enough for it.

Well, there’s always a next time. Who knows, I might be able to buy him black berry playbook like this one before Christmas. It will surely give hubby an exciting mobile experience.

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Hubby and I went to CDR King yesterday to purchase a cooling pad for our net book. We have to select the most efficient model and look into multiple designs and take note of the price since we are not wealthy. The sales clerk however, has to go up the ladder repeatedly to get the designs because what we were asking for are on the top shelf. While going through the different models, we noticed that the sales attendant has become impatient (making faces, a change in the tone of the voice). I want to give her a Batangueña tongue-lashing but then I just shrugged it off. We picked up the model we wanted and paid for it.

We have nothing against CDR King. In fact, we bought almost all our needs such as hewlett packard toner cartridges, computer accessories and gadgets from them. Maybe it’s late in the afternoon and she’s tired specially in climbing the ladder. Maybe sales are low. Maybe she just broke-up with her boyfriend. Whatever her reason is, it’s definitely not good for the business.

According to Changing Minds, you got to have these three selling attitudes when dealing with customers: confidence, pride and care. Clearly, they failed miserably in the “care” department because we will not be visiting that branch from now on.

By the way, clueless about the title of the article? SSS means Selling Skills Sucked. It is suggested by my husband. He really is creative when it comes to composing article titles.

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Kids and Tech World

Children today are so smart. They are so updated with the tech world. Like for example my daughter, she knows more than I do when it comes to new gadgets and electronics. Just this morning, she asked her dad if he can buy her an iphone. She said she wants it because it is wifi ready and has many applications. What I am using is an old cell phone and she is just 8 years old and she wants iphone.

We cannot blame her though because she is growing up exposed to digital technology, not to mention the fun and the number of things she can do with these gadgets. Yes, it is alarming sometimes but that is why we are here. As parents it is our duty to protect our children not only from the dangers outside our home but from the virtual predators as well.

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