Gift Giving Protocol

I have received so many gifts and most of them are from Rhonnel. The best gift I have received is the Esprit watch from him. It is not extravagant but it is the very first gift I received from him. I am using it for 12 years now. It is older than RJ.With occasion or not, Filipinos love giving gifts to their loved ones. Receiving gifts from the ones we loved give us joy. Gift giving can be traced back to about the Romans. The Emperors present each other with good luck tokens. The gifts were originally evergreen branches, and later developed into cakes, to symbolize prosperity and sweetness in the coming year. The rest is history.

Gift giving varies among different culture. Would you believe that number plays an important role on gift giving?

Japanese regards to gift giving with highest importance. It is the Japanese’s way of communicating respect, friendship and appreciation. The word “four” in Japanese is “shi,” which is associated with the word for death so avoid giving gift in four.

If you are giving gifts to a Chinese friend, as in Japanese culture, it is proper etiquette to present gifts with two hands. Don’t give gifts in single or odd numbers for it implies loneliness or separation. Gifts given in pairs are highly appropriate as it equates good luck.

In Thailand, it is acceptable to wrap gifts in brightly colored gift-wrap and ribbons for Thais love bright colors. Three is considered a lucky number.

In Korea, generosity is viewed as a valued personal trait so whenever possible, present an expensive gift. Four of anything is considered unlucky.

It is important to consider their culture before giving gifts to our friends from other nation. Click here for more international gift giving protocol.


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