Perth is Paving the Way to Sustainable Infrastructure in Australia

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With the ongoing discussion of improving our ecological footstep, “going green” is being applied to as much as possible. In fact, did you know that buildings can also “go green”? Take Western Australia’s for example. Their dedication to building green has shown off greatly thanks to the many new additions to their cities. So much so that there is a Sustainable Perth Walking Tour that takes visitors for a two-kilomtre walk through the city centre where the green buildings can be admired and hopefully imitated. Sustainable construction in Australia has become quite the mission and thanks to the importance given to the cause, fantastic results have already been reached.

So in case you’re in Perth and are curious about the aforementioned tour, the first stop the glass office tower at 235 George’s Terrace, designed by architects fitzpatrick+partners. Another exciting stop on the tour is the “greenest” public building in Western Australia, the Green Skills Training Centre. All of the building’s energy needs (including heating and air conditioning) are 100% powered by a super modern solar plant in the building. Impressive, right?

In fact, buildings constructed as far back as 2003 can be considered green as well, and are given a “Green Start” rating between 1 and 6 based on how green they are. In Perth specifically, buildings are envisioned as having to be green from the beginning. As a result, these buildings will most likely be then celebrated on “Green Building Day”; the most recent held this past June 1st. The day that Perth has set aside for its green constructions is dedicated to the sustainable buildings and welcomes technicians, architects, construction firms, and city government representatives.

The plan of having a city that is sustainable to the max and also user-friendly has been of great importance to city officials. In fact for landlords and business owners that commit to respecting the “green” criteria, a two-year economic plan was presented to support the costs of doing so. Furthermore, last year the “Strategic Community Plan” was also introduced in order to have Perth commit to water conservation, focus on climate change, and improve energy usage.

All this talk about Perth going green all the way is also backed up by the economic endorsements directed towards specific buildings. For example, the $2.6 billion going towards the Elizabeth Quay waterfront development, or the $1 billion for the international airport. Another $428 million will be spent on constructing the “New Museum for Western Australia (WA)” along with another $1.2 billion on the Forrestfield-Airport Link which will connect the airport to different city areas.

Thanks to the modernization, and the subsequent green factor that will be part of the new constructions, Perth is looking at a great, positive future.

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Go Green with Wool

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ramblers Way. All opinions are 100% mine.

Going green doesn’t only mean eating organic food. It also means supporting pro-environment causes and patronizing products that are natural. However, it is hard to find such products today except for clothing of course.

Many clothing companies are still using natural materials like cotton and wool in making their products but I would prefer products made of wool for I want comfortable, practical and beautiful clothing made with the highest quality fibers, yarns and fabrics.

Wool has several qualities that distinguish it from cotton, polyester and other synthetic fibers. Aside from being resistant to dirt and wear and tear, it is also resistant to static electricity and has a lower rate of flame spread. It is less likely to spark or cling to the body.

Ramblers Way worsted wool is lightweight and readily absorbs and gives off moisture. It is equally warm and cool and can be worn nearly year-round. It is very versatile that you can wear it outdoors for your biking, fishing, walking, etc., or wear it under your office uniform while staying warm, dry and comfortable. Imagine yourself sleeping on your clean bed with just a soft, spongy wool clothing on. Just a thought of it is very relaxing yet.

What is worsted wool by the way? Yeah, I heard you asking. Worsted wool means the wool fibers are untangled, laid straight side by side and cleaned from debris so it is free of those pesky, itchy loose ends. Not only that, it is good for the environment because it is all natural, non-synthetic and chemical free.

Go green not just by simply eating organic food but by buying Ramblers Way wool products too.

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