The Year 2001 Ten-Peso Coins

Not only one or two persons told us that the year 2001 ten-peso coin can be sold for two hundred pesos (P200). How’s that possible? The ten peso-coin is made up of two alloys: the inner part is aluminum-bronze while the outer part is cupro-nickel. But according to some friends, the inner part of the ten-peso coins released in the year 2001 contains gold.

We did not want to believe but still we gave it the benefit of the doubt. It may be not as much as the gold bullion but it’s quite a big amount of money if we can collect at least 100 pieces so hubby started collecting. As of now, we have 30 pieces of year 2001 ten-peso coins. However, after doing some research, it turned out that it is a hoax. The inner part of the Philippine ten-peso coins released since 2000 up to the present has 92% copper, 6% aluminum and 2% nickel.

Yes, it was a lesson learned. We must do our research first before believing in what other people say. Central Bank follows a procedure in minting of coins. There’s no special reason or occasion why the 2001 batch of ten-peso coins have to be minted with gold. At least we were able to save three hundred pesos (P300)…more than enough for a half gallon of ice cream. Lol!

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Selling Gold Bullion

Crude oil price in world market, stock market fiasco, slow job growth because of recessions, currency inflation, with all these bad news, people want to invest their money in something with weight that is why many people are turning to gold as hard investment for their money because of its simplicity, utility and stability. You can hold it in your hands and buy and sell it with great ease.Gold has long been considered one of the safest long term investments, a contrast to a country’s currency which is subject to inflation. It outperformed the stock market and been one of the leading investment assets. Cash4Gold could bail out the treasury because there are possibilities that selling gold could help the economy.

Don’t go to a risky pawn shop or jeweler to selling your gold. You can sell your broken or old jewelry directly to a refinery same with your gold coins and bullion. When selling gold bullion for cash, you should contact multiple buyers in order to get a fair price. You can consider selling them directly to dealers online. If you are dealing online make sure that you read every page and get as much information as you can about how the deal is going to work. Know your gold’s weight. Sort your gold by karat weight and compare your weight to the dealers. Be cautious if told your gold is of a different karat. Photograph as well each piece that you are mailing. These guides can help to protect yourself from being ripped off by the spammers.

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Gold Coins Gain

We all know that our global economy is in bad shape. There is poor job growth because of global recession, crude oil price surging in world market, currency problems, stock market fiasco, etc. All of us feel the impact of our fluctuating economy. It is hard to invest your hard earned money or preserve your family’s wealth with these global problems. Investing is like gambling for there’s no assurance and security, that is why invest only in the most predictable way possible which is buying gold. You can preserve your wealth and add growth to your existing portfolio by buying gold coins and/or gold bullion. Gold is the world’s most liquid investment trading throughout the world daily and the gold price is poised to move substantially higher. We can buy and sell gold anywhere and anytime.
It is time to have a gold coin now. You can invest on certified gold coins like the $2.5 Liberty Quarter Eagle designed by Christian Gobrecht in 1840 and the $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle, considered by many as one of the most beautiful coins ever created.
You can invest also on gold bullions like the American Buffalo, Australian Gold Nugget, Chinese Gold Panda, Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, etc.
Having gold coin and gold bullion in your portfolio bring up the value of your portfolio because the price of gold increases. It is easier to buy gold today than years ago. For your guide, you can request for a free gold guide at the Aurum Advisors website. Aurum Advisor has the most comprehensive resource for gold coin and gold bullion acquisition.
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