Instilling Good Study Habits

It seems like just yesterday when RJ graduated from preparatory school.

Now, she is on the 3rd grade that will be over soon in a week. It’s their finals next week and I am busy making her reviewers to make everything easier for her and of course to instill her good study habits. I do not want RJ to find her self cramming for each test that is why I am making reviewers for each subject days before the exam. I even make trial exams by redoing her past quizzes and tests and let her answer them. By doing so, I can easily assess what topics she finds hard to understand or what subjects are difficult for her.

During the exam week, I do not allow her to play outside so she can concentrate more on the review but I give her break in between if she is going to study for a long time. I let her study in the bedroom with the air condition on to make it more conducive. And if I notice that she is a little sleepy, I let her take a nap and allow her to get enough sleep at night so she will be refreshed and ready for the exams the next day.

The ability of our children to absorb what is being taught to them varies. But either fast learner or slow learner needs our guidance to help them absorb information easily. It minimizes the stress during the exam and maximizes productivity and results. It also helps in instilling good study habits that our children can apply when they are big enough to review on their own.

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