Thank You for Loving Me

I am lucky for having good in-laws. Though my Mom-in-law and I were not very close, I haven’t had any problem with her. She treated and loved me as her own. I know that only few are very lucky to be in good terms with their mother-in-law. What’s my secret? I took her criticisms and suggestions positively and thank her for her concern. And though I can decide for myself, I sometimes ask for her inputs just to show that she is also important to me. It is because I know how hard it would be to have clashes with in-laws. Hubby and RJ would be drawn in the conflict and be caught in the middle until they would be forced to choose sides and I don’t want that to happen. Though I must admit, it was very hard to please my MIL most especially when it comes to my cooking. She always have negative comments. MIL used to be a good cook and may be she can’t accept that I am better than her…just kidding.

These are just few of my MIL’s memories. Memories that we will cherish and left live on forever. We know that she is very proud of us and happy wherever she is now. Goodbye, Mama and thank you for loving me.

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