Away from the Metropolis

Yesterday was a great day. We spent it at my bestfriend’s house in Victoria, Laguna. It’s been three years since I last visited a place in the South where my hometown is and I must admit I missed the rice fields, trees and foliages that I seldom see here in the Metropolis. While we were on our way there, our eyes feasted on greens literally. My daughter and I had a blast taking pictures of the wonderful greeneries.

away from metropolisgreen trees

Green Grass green grass

rice field
rice field

green sight
a wondeful green sight

green backyard
This one is my favorite because this is exactly how
our backyard in the province looked like.

It felt good to be away from the Metropolis and pollution even just for a day. Our lungs breathe fresh air at last. Indeed a great day!

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Looking Back to My Childhood

I always tell RJ that she is very lucky for having everything that I was dreaming of when I was a child, Barbie dolls, doll house, gadgets, nice clothes and good foods. But then there are times I feel sad that she is growing up with all the pollutions around her, inhaling the heavy smokes with the noise bombarding her ears. With these in mind, I ask myself if the children today are really luckier than us. RJ rarely sees goats and cows and if I am not mistaken, she hasn’t seen a carabao. The city is populated by people and there is paucity or even non-existence of animal life, except for our neighbors’ dogs, cats and RJ’s two pet chicks. She hasn’t experienced flying a kite on wide green field and swim on river that is almost full of fish pens.

Children now may be luckier because they have all the things the modern technology has to offer but they get easily destructed and bored. Looking back to my childhood, life was simpler. It does not matter if life is good or bad as we have nothing to compare it with. Life is just what it is. We were having fun, running around with cousins and friends, playing “patintero”, “piko” and “tumbang preso”. We were contented because that was all we had…good friends. Yet we were all happy and look at life everyday with much awe and wonder.

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