Algae and Its Benefits

Algae on Pond

Wondering what is giving this pond that green murky look? It is the free floating algae also known as pond scum. The algae gave the pond a more refreshing and fascinating look but most people little did know that it is not what makes the algae crucial organisms to pond ecosystem or lake. The most important function of algae is it helps in maintaining the food chain to the marine life by providing food, energy and shelter.

Algae can also be a source of

• Food – source of agar and oil that used as additives in various food products.
• Biofertilizers – can maintain soil fertility and can yield crops even without the use of agrochemicals.
• Fuel – the lipids (fancy name for oil) derived from algae can be used in producing Biofuel.
• Waste water treatment – serves as biofilters by absorbing the heavy metals and other pollutants in water.

But then, anything in excess is harmful and can have negative effects. Excess algae growth is undesirable as it can have dreadful consequences to aquatic wildlife.

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Green Living

With the alarming destruction of the natural environment and resources, more people become environmentally conscious. I am glad that more people are now aware of the plastic’s adverse impact on our environment. Major supermarkets and malls nationwide are offering eco bags. There are also establishments that are offering points for using eco bags. A supermarket near our place will give you 3 points each visit if you will bring your own eco bag. Points earned can be deducted to the amount of your next purchase. It’s like giving rewards to those who are helping to save the environment. I just hope more establishments will do the same to encourage more people to use eco bags.

If you are not using eco bags yet, you must start using one now for it takes 1,000 years for the plastic bags to degrade back into the soil thus continued use of plastic bags means tons and tons of it that will be dumped to the landfills which will contribute to the green gas and to the global warming.

eco bags

I have five eco bags of different sizes and the latest one I have is this green eco bag. It looks like the plastic sando bag that is commonly used in the wet market and if not for its material, I have might have mistaken it for a plastic sando bag. It’s not as sturdy as my other eco bags but I love its color which I think means “green living”.

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