Headache at Work: Causes and Prevention

Sometimes, pounding headache is due to stress at work. As the work hour stretch and as your workload pile up, your head spins like diabolos. More often than not, this headache is responsible for the loss of a very productive day because you feel like drained  and disinterested.

Poor posture, sitting for long hours and pushing your body to the limit cause tension build up in your neck, shoulders, lower and upper back. When the tension overloads, the muscles tighten and restrict the normal flow of oxygen and blood to the muscles and back to the head thus, a pounding tension headache.

You may be surprised to find out that drinking pain relievers is not the only solution to get rid of headache at work. A simple break from all stressors is what all you need sometimes.

Watch your posture. Improper posture is the main cause of muscle tension. If you work infront of your desk all day, it is vital that ergonomic chairs be used. This prevents from having back, shoulders and neck pains.

Do some stretching. Sitting in one position for extended period of time tighten the muscles and other soft tissues. Stretching is the best way to loosen these stressed muscles and tissues.

Roll and blink. Prolong use of computer causes eye strain that can cause headache.  Roll your eyes and blink from time to time to increase the flexibility of the muscles that control your eyes (extraocular muscles) and prevent eye strain.

Get everything under control. The workload itself is stressful. You must learn to prioritize or else you’ll find your energy waning and this can cause you headache.

Tension headache is not life threatening but sometimes it can lead to other health problems.

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