Accidents in the Workplace

Although many businesses may regard their obligations with regard to health and safety to be onerous – such as undertaking a comprehensive assessment of all the possible risks to health and safety within their business premises, and working out a clear health and safety policy for the business – the potential damage that can be caused to a business should they fail to undertake these procedures and then experience an accident on their business premises, is far greater. In these circumstances, a business would be liable for personal injury claims to be made against them in the form of an accident at work compensation claim by the employee who suffered the injury or illness and, if they have not completed the correct procedures, the business will not have an insurance policy from a reputable provider. Therefore it does not make sense to ignore the risks of workplace accidents, such as driving accidents.

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There are some types of workplace where driving accidents are particularly prevalent – such as warehouses, where heavy goods vehicles are employed frequently within a confined area – but they can occur in pretty much any working environment that requires employees to come and go using cars or other motor vehicles. This means almost every business that you could possibly think of, making it a health and safety issue that few employers can afford to disregard completely when assessing the possible risks. Common types of traffic accidents at work include employees being hit by a moving vehicle – either a car, or a heavy goods vehicle – either an employee or heavy materials falling from one, or a vehicle accidentally overturning. The results of these accidents can range from minor cuts and bruises to serious head injuries or broken bones.

Employers should look to make sure that areas that are intended for the passage of vehicles are kept clear at all times and are of sufficient width to allow vehicles to negotiate them without problems. Furthermore these should be clearly labelled as vehicle routes, with routes for pedestrians labelled separately.

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Life Insurance – Important Facet of Modern Life

It is no longer surprising that only few people know that September is Life Insurance Awareness Month as a lot of people still see insurance as their least priority. Until now they don’t realize the importance of insurance when in fact insurance is one of the most important facets of the modern life. Of course nothing can replace someone else’s health and life but insurance can take care of you and your family by easing the financial burden when accidents happen and you get seriously injured.

When buying life insurance, you may need to answer health questions on the application form. The extent of the insurance health questions may vary on the amount of the insurance policy. The bigger the insurance policy, the more detailed their questions might be. At life insurance no medical questions, all you have to do is answer a few health questions. There’s no time-consuming hassle of being checked by a medical examiner and having laboratory tests.

Some people think that because they have pre-exisiting medical condition, it would be impossible for them to get life insurance. Still, they can get life insurance even if they have been treated for some types of cancers or heart disease but with low benefit coverage or shorter term or limited death benefits.

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Safety Should Be Taken Seriously

Abraham Maslow would not bother to place safety on the second level of his hierarchy of needs diagram if it is not that important. In fact, even if it comes next to the physiological needs, safety has never been out of anyone’s priority in everything that they do. Some people can sustain eating unhealthy foods at some times or perhaps live in not so comfortable room. However, when it comes to safety, it has been inculcated inside everyone’s mind that if this thing would be compromised, it can be equivalent to a serious injury or even death.

Compromised safety inside a workplace is a big “No-no”. If you can sense that the company is not issuing safety gears to their employers, then better not pursue the acceptance of the employment no matter how high is the offered salary.

Every institution has their they own safety precautions. Those companies wherein their employees are handling harmful chemicals, their protective gear should be complete. It can be composed of but are not limited to safety suit, boots, face shield or safety glasses, hard hats, gloves, masks and hair caps.

face shield (from the web)

It doesn’t matter if you would look like an alien in your workplace. What’s important is your safety.

For those working in the medical parlance also have their own safety measure. This would include vaccination or prophylaxis for a certain grave disease. They are handling patients or people with illnesses and with proper assessment, they would be able to distance themselves if the mode of transmission would be direct contact.

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Headache at Work: Causes and Prevention

Sometimes, pounding headache is due to stress at work. As the work hour stretch and as your workload pile up, your head spins like diabolos. More often than not, this headache is responsible for the loss of a very productive day because you feel like drained  and disinterested.

Poor posture, sitting for long hours and pushing your body to the limit cause tension build up in your neck, shoulders, lower and upper back. When the tension overloads, the muscles tighten and restrict the normal flow of oxygen and blood to the muscles and back to the head thus, a pounding tension headache.

You may be surprised to find out that drinking pain relievers is not the only solution to get rid of headache at work. A simple break from all stressors is what all you need sometimes.

Watch your posture. Improper posture is the main cause of muscle tension. If you work infront of your desk all day, it is vital that ergonomic chairs be used. This prevents from having back, shoulders and neck pains.

Do some stretching. Sitting in one position for extended period of time tighten the muscles and other soft tissues. Stretching is the best way to loosen these stressed muscles and tissues.

Roll and blink. Prolong use of computer causes eye strain that can cause headache.  Roll your eyes and blink from time to time to increase the flexibility of the muscles that control your eyes (extraocular muscles) and prevent eye strain.

Get everything under control. The workload itself is stressful. You must learn to prioritize or else you’ll find your energy waning and this can cause you headache.

Tension headache is not life threatening but sometimes it can lead to other health problems.

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Exercisers that Will Keep You Fit While You Work

If you think that sitting for a long time is beneficial because it relaxes your nerves and muscles, then you’re wrong. Research and studies show that hours of interrupted sitting is hazardous to your health. People who sit for most of their day inceases the amount of insulin in their blood and are 54% likely to die of heart attack because of embolism or obstruction of the arteries. It would be better if you’ll have stretches and exercise in between paper works. Below are exercisers that will keep you fit while you work.

Disc O Sit Air Cushion
It is an inflatable cushion mimics the shape and movement of a ball. It is used to promote active sitting and better posture.

Therabands are resistance bands that are versatile and easy to use. It comes in varrying degrees that help improve muscle strenght and endurance.

Stress Ball or Therapy Ball
It is soft ball made of foam or soft rubber. It improves resistance of your fingers, hands and forearms.

Compact Stepper
It is a rotating platform that can be used either seated or standing. Its a great way for slimmer thighs, waist and abs. It also improves core strenght and coordination.

If you’re like me who spends most of the time infront of the computer, then you might want to have one or two of these handy exercisers. And oh, don’t forget the traditional exercises such as sit ups and push ups. Don’t worry about your boss. I am sure he knows that healthy employees are more efficient and productive which means greater profit.  🙂

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