Delicious-Smelling Perfumes to Try

There are a number of perfumes that smell outright delicious–and that resemble the smells of fresh, sumptuous food, or smell so good they make you wish there was a food with that taste that you could devour. With spring just around the corner cosmetologists get excited because now is the perfect time to try some of these great smelling perfumes, which will compliment the latest springtime makeup accessories.

Guerlain My Insolence

There is absolutely nothing unpleasant about this aroma whatsoever, which is great for those of you who love yummy smells. Truth be told, this particular fragrance has a noticeably fruity smell, somewhat like a tasty dessert or cobbler, that is subtly blended with the scent of fresh flowers such as ambrosia. The aroma is pure delight, and is sure to be noticeable, but not overpowering.

Dior Hypnotic Poison

This fragrance was conceived and designed by Annick Menardo, a fragrance designer well-known for being innovative and fearless in designing new scents. Dior Hypnotic Poison incorporates elements of vanilla in its scent, which is somewhat tempered by a balancing element that counters some of the sweetness of the fragrance. A whiff or two of this one will definitely make you think about a warm kitchen, possibly baking with goodies.

L by Lolita Lempicka

Despite the name of this perfume, it was created by Maruice Roucel who was apparently going for an outdoors, spring/summer night carnival feel when he designed this fragrance. The aroma is a cross between carmel and cotton candy, and is highly intoxicating.

Delicies de Cartier Eau Fruitee

As the name implies, this scent is definitely fruit-flavored. The subtle scent smells like fresh berries used for a cold, cool drink–either an exotic milkshake or a smoothie. Delicies de Cartier Eau Fruitee will be a great scent for any sort of springtime activity.

Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight

Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight may be the perfume that is most evocative of fresh, ripened fruit that encompasses a variety of flavors. A heady inhalation of this fragrance offers scents of bursting blueberries, cool melons, as well as tangy, tart strawberries. Annie Buzantian truly outdid herself with this one, as the entire scent is tempered by a delicate, sea breeze that helps to preserve the smell and keep it truly fresh and scintillating. According to my sources, this would be a great bridal fragrance.


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The Chubby Me

Looking at my pictures, I see the chubby me. I see how much weight I have gained over the years. Not only the pictures but my BMI also says I’m a little overweight. That’s the result of eating thousands of calories everyday yet too lazy to exercise (except of course for my hands and fingers that type all day). Though my husband is saying I’m sexy, I am not comfortable anymore with how I look. Fitting and finding the perfect clothes for me are getting harder each day. I can’t wear tight clothes because they reveal my bulges and because I have big thighs, I don’t look good on skinny jeans. Sigh!

Just like other women out there, I want to lose weight (even just a bit). I have tried different programs before but sadly, eating right and exercise didn’t bring me results. This time I want to try something different…a diet supplement perhaps. I did some research and learned from that each loss supplement works differently. There are supplements that suppresses the appetite and will help you eat less, and there are those that will help you burn more calories. So I think the best way to know what will work for me is to visit my doctor and let him do the assessment. I hope it will give good results this time. I miss wearing skinny jeans and tight shirts badly.

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Pampered Feet

I had a great time yesterday or should it be my feet had their great time yesterday? My feet are the most battered part of me (second to my hands) yet they get the least attention. Yesterday, I had them pampered. If only they could talk they would probably thank me.

I visited my favorite salon yesterday, had foot spa and pedicure. It is the biggest salon near our place with good ambiance and great service. They are offering different services including foot and hand spa, foot and hand paraffin treatment and body massage.

However, I was too engrossed on blogging that I tend to neglect and not treat myself on spas often. How I wish I have my own spa at home, complete with hot tub, spa cover and all, so I can soak any time. Truly one of the best ways to relieve stress is to plunge on a hot tub. It can provide therapeutic benefits and can ease the transition in deeper sleep. And for a blogger like me who are awake most of the time, a hot tub can help in recuperating.

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Getting Rid of the Bulges

It is me toning the muscles and trying to lose some weight. I must admit it is not easy. I have tried various methods but always failed. Discipline and determination are needed and most of the time I do not have those. There are times I want to take shortcuts and take diet pills most especially when I came across

But still, I keep on hoping that I will have the discipline, determination and focus that I need. I know time will come that I will get rid of these bulges in my tummy area and can wear two-piece again. Oh, how I miss those days where I can flaunt in sexy clothes without worrying of the bulges.

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Causes of Acne

I am one of those who are blessed with acne-free skin. Even during my teen years where I had drastic hormonal change, I did not experience having acne or even pimple. Looks like it is in our genes as all of us have this acne-free skin except for my brother who used to have acne. He started to have little pimples when he was on his early teens that turned into acne when he was already in college. Now, his acnes are gone after using some acne products but there were lesions left on his skin.

Acnes are sign of adolescence. But why is it not fair? Most teens get acne at some point while some are not? Well, according to researchers, there are three main reasons for acne; the hormones, the diet and stress. What do you think caused yours?

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