Fully Recharged and Energized

After almost a week of having fever and asthma attacks, here I am, fully recharged and energized again. I seldom go out and when we went out for our Valentine’s Day celebration last Saturday I woke up with 38°C the next day. Seem like I caught some kind of virus. Maybe hubby is right we really need to check BCBSNC especially nowadays that these tiny complicated and stubborn viruses spread more quickly. We do not know when and where they will attack us.

I am not thankful that I got sick but I am thankful that it was I and not our little girl who got hit by the virus. She was confined once because of viral infections and it was my most frustrating moment. I did not know what to do to make her feel better but to let the doctor gave her ampicilin shots. Thank God she was out from the hospital the next day but the bill nearly got me and hubby heart attacks.

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