I Want to Snow

I just had a chat with my sister-in-law who is in Germany. I saw that she is online so I buzzed her and asked why she is still awake when it is already 3am there. She said she cannot sleep and waiting for someone to talk to. When she invited me to view her webcam, I saw that she is wrapped on a heated blanket. She said that the temperature there that very moment is negative two degrees. It snowed again and she hates it. She cannot go to walk outside and she is gaining too much weight.

My sister-in-law with her kids.

Why do most people on snowing countries despise snow and people living in the tropics love to snow? I want to snow!!! I want to experience how it feels like to roll on snow until my fingers get numb. I want to ski and ride on sled pulled by huskies. I want to be wrapped with a heated blanket.

Too sad it will never happen because I am living in the country where the sun is shining everyday.

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