Globe Tattoo Superstick to Fulfill My Resolution

New year’s resolutions are peoples’ personal goals, or changes they need or want to make their life better. But most often than not, nothing is fulfilled on this once a year promise and it’s the reason why I do not have any new year’s resolution this year except for working harder. Since I am working online, this means I need more time, effort and unlimited internet connection.

Time…this is as simple as time management and organizing my work for optimum effectiveness and efficiency. I now have a planner for my tasks, personal posts and weekly memes. This also means lesser time for my favorite television shows, luxurious bath, manicure and pedicure.

Effort…I will give my 110%. I will think of ways to improve my skills and enrich my knowledge. I will take my job more seriously and will try my best to finish all tasks on time.

Internet connection…I need a powerful mobile broadband that I can simply plug on any pc or laptop for instant web access even on remote areas. The solution? Globe Tattoo Superstick.

With its high speed of up to 3mbps, it will make my life and work easier as the accessibility to the web is faster wherever I go. I will not miss any task even if I am on vacation. What I like most about it is I can share my connection with up to 5 devices at a time not to mention the 200 free monthly SMS. Teehee!

Working online is not always easy as others may think. Sometimes it can be daunting. But with determination, more effort and unlimited powerful broadband access, my new year’s resolution is not hard to fulfill, is it not?

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