Increase the Value of Your Home: Exterior Stage

Are you moving out? Then you are most certainly putting your old home on the market. But you have to know that before doing this, you need to make sure that it is presentable enough to attract its new residents more quickly. That is, certain renovations might be a good idea. They will not only help you sell your home rapidly, but they will also ensure that you will be paid a more substantial sum of money than you initially expected. And I am sure that the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word renovation is something that concerns the interior of the property. Yes, it should be neat and clean, electrical and plumbing systems should function properly, a coat of paint should be applied here and there, etc. But your home’s exterior is what visitors see first. And if it looks shabby and neglected, then you are not particularly likely to find buyers any time soon.

home exterior

A New Colour

I really cannot think of cheaper and easier way to completely change the look of your home than a new coat of paint. Opt for a natural, but distinctive colour. Yellowish and earthy tones are among the most suitable choices. If you are a more extravagant person, you can select something way brighter. Yet, keep in mind that this might actually drive any potential buyers back. So, I suggest you stick to the more moderate shades.

Front Door Refurbishment

Real estate consultants advise that one should not undervalue the importance of the front door. This is why you need to make sure that it looks as if it is new. You might even install a new one, if you can afford it. This will certainly be a good investment and will increase the overall value of your property. After all, it is the door that visitors first glimpse upon entering a given premises. What is more, make sure that your bell is working – this also makes a good impression.

Another thing you might want to do is to build a portico or some sort of an awning above your front door. These will also be relatively small investment, compared to the sum potential buyers might offer you for providing them with an overhang where they can securely look for their keys while it is raining dogs and cats outside.

• Landscaping

No one likes decrepit gardens. So, no matter whether you have a huge or a limited outdoor space, make sure that it looks as attractive and well-kept as possible. And if gardening is not among your elements, then it is probably better to hire a professional. Lawn mowing, hedge trimming, tree pruning are among the things that definitely need to be performed. Flower patches with nice, multi-coloured flowers as well as garden decorations such as gnomes, lights, etc. will also certainly increase the value of your property.

• Clean the Mess

Fallen leaves, numerous knick-knacks and litter, scattered all around your yard, and some such things – you need all those gone. Gather your family members and clean your outdoor space together. This might not only be extremely funny, but it will also help you increase the price of the house. And the best part is that it will not cost you anything. You will only need to spend two or three hours of your Saturday afternoon.

These were only few of the countless ways in which you can renovate your home’s exterior and, thus, increase its overall value. You can opt for all of them or you can come up with some of your own. It all depends on you and your budget. Just make sure that your place is clean, presentable, and functional and you will certainly find its new residents, who will be ready to pay a fortune for it, more quickly.

The tips are provided by Fiona Grayson who works for DomesticCleaners Kennington. She gave some tips on how to refurbish the exterior of your place and, thus, increase its value when you put your old house on the market and not only.

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Why You Should Have a Home Insurance Cover

Owning a home is not as good as having a good insurance policy. Such a policy can easily help you save some extra cash and at the same time improve the value of your home. The following article looks at some of the benefits associated with this type of policy. In addition, it provides tips which can easily help one secure such a policy without necessarily spending a lot of time and money.

The hidden benefits of getting a home insurance policy:

1. Better home value

In this day and age, selling a house which has no home insurance is basically impossible. If by chance you manage to sell your house without having such a policy, chances are that you will end up selling it at a very low price. One of the reasons behind this is that many home buyers usually use the home insurance policy covering a particular property to come up with price estimates before making any offers.

2. Less stress

Accidents do happen and at times, they can harm your home and in the process lower its value. If you have a good home insurance policy in place, such problems cannot stress you in any way since you will only be required to ask for compensation from your insurance company.

3. Guaranteed financial protection

Nowadays, many home insurance policies provide financial protection to policy holders and their entire families. Apart from protecting such individuals, such policies usually cover valuable items found in the house such as jewelry, electronic equipments and furniture.

4. Liability protection

Many home insurance policies in Austin usually protect the holders from lawsuits filed by people who sustained injuries while visiting their homes. For example, a good home insurance policy can easily come in and compensate an electrician who may have sustained serious injuries while fixing different electrical systems in your house.

In the past, getting a good Austin home insurance cover was no easy task. Today however, identifying and signing up for a good policy is just a piece of cake. Basically, all that’s needed is a good Internet connection and one or two links which can easily direct you to different insurance companies around Austin.

When you open such links, some of the things which you should pay special attention to are customer reviews and the specific services being offered by such companies. Basically, a reliable insurance company must have good customer reviews. In addition, such a company must have services which are tailored towards meeting the needs of different clients in the market. If a firm lacks these two qualities, look for other options.

Jacob Huntley lost his house during the recent recession simply because he had not insured it. However, with the help of his wife, he managed to buy a spacious apartment within the same neighborhood. With the help of his new Austin home insurance cover, Mr. Jacob has managed to improve his credit rating and at the same time increase the value of his property. He strongly suggests that you too try this particular option.

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