Today’s Horoscope

I am not a horoscope fan. It just so happen that I want to read my horoscope for today and it is somewhat true. Here it is…

There may be a responsibility to a family member or a child that you have to attend to Gemini, but outside of that, it looks like your focus may be on fun for most of the day. You need to be extra cautious today, however, because the wellness sector of your chart is somewhat overburdened, and this can sometimes mean trouble. Although you seem to be prepared for weather changes, and cautious enough about food, sometimes, in the spirit of the moment, you may think that it’s OK to break rules of diet and such when it most certainly is not.

Hahaha! First, RJ needs to bring a picture of Mama Mary and plants to school today so I looked for plants and the picture. Then, I decided to play cafe world because many friends are inviting me. Lastly, I posted my entry on Girls Talk about my favorite chocolate. Chocolates are taboo for me but I am breaking the rules. Don’t know if this is true or just coincidence. Funny isn’t it?

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