Internet Problem (Again?)

These past days, we are having problems again with our internet connection. My husband presumed it is due to the router we are using so he unplugged the router but still we have intermittent connections that occurs mostly in the afternoon. Hubby called the tech support and someone from there instructed him on how to fix it. It worked but just for a short time, then after a few days, the problem continues. Haaay, if only we could use omnidirectional antennas to get better connections and solve internet problem such as this. 🙁

Now that hubby is so busy with his job, he can’t pay attention to fix the problem. I did some trouble shooting though…I checked the proxy settings, cleared the cache and even tried to switch everything off (well, that’s the best that I can do as I am not techie) but it didn’t do any good. I guess I have to live with the intermittent connections for a while until hubby can find time to know and fix the core of this internet problem.

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