International Phone Cards

What can be more miserable than being alone away from your family, missing them so much, wanting to talk to them but to no avail? There are many means of communications now like chatting through internet but it is not always available especially when you are out of your place. Not all the time you have your laptop and not all hotels and establishments have wi-fi connections. What could help you during these times are international phone cards. If you are traveling abroad, it is a must to arm yourself with one.Getmecalling cards is one of the largest international card retailers that allows you to call your loved ones from any place in the world. You can get a credit of 4-7% to your savings account depending on your Invoice Total Amount ($15 and more). You can use earned credit to purchase phone cards. Minimum purchase is $10. Click here for more details.With international phone cards it is easy to connect from here in the Philippines to your family in the United States or United States to the Philippines with rates as low as 6.4 ¢/ minutes. And those who are living in the United States are eligible to receive 3% cash rebates on purchases from getmecalling cards. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone, connecting with your family while getting rebates.

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