A Glimpse to the Internet Association

Who would have thought that another kind of world will become part of our lives? It is known to be the global system of interconnected computer networks serving billions of users worldwide by using the standard Internet protocol suite. It is a world which carries an extensive range of information resources and services. People who are part of the internet world call themselves as netizens and their existence gave birth to a whole new community.

For a certain community to sustain, it should adapt to a certain system lead by a so-called leaders. In the case of the internet community, there emerged a certain group that would be composed of the internet’s leading companies called the Internet Association.

Accordingly, the president of the group is no other than former adviser to the chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Energy and Commerce Committee, Michael Beckerman. The group will start to operate on September and there has been clues that it would composed of Google, eBay, Facebook and Amazon. The said companies didn’t give any comments yet for the rumored news.

The main goal of the association is to take care of the major political and regulatory issues faced by the internet companies over the last several years like copyright protection, privacy, cyber security and sales tax collection. They would eventually represent the entire internet community.

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