Bald Mountains of Isabela

It was my first time to the second largest province in thePhilippines…Isabela. I can say Isabela is one of the provinces that were filled with greens when God poured paint on Earth.

green rice field

We passed by rice fields and the long enthralling zigzag road…hills and mountains on one side and ravine on the other side of the zigzag road.

zigzag road
green rice field

I am thankful that “Buboy” is a good driver.  I am grateful as well of the fascinating sceneries. It is what made our trip fun (except for the bald mountains).

bald mountain
bald mountains of Isabela

Sceneries like these are disheartening and these are all because of illegal logging that ripped through mountain ranges. I won’t be surprised if there’ll be recurring floods and deadly landslides again in Northern Luzon. Perhaps more should enroll in online masters degreeprograms in geology, to reduce the risks.

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First Time

Before you think of anything else, read this ‘til the end please. Last Saturday was my first time to many things; first time to see ostriches and their eggs, first time to see hedgehogs and deer, my first time in Isabela province and most of all, my first to be a wedding sponsor (until now I am wondering if I am that old, haha!)

I really had fun with hubby and some neighbors/friends. We left Rizal at 5:30pm last Friday and arrived in Santiago City, Isabela at 1:30am, Saturday. It was also my first time to travel that long and it caused me some backaches. We stayed in Spring Garden Resort and slept for only 5 hours. The wedding is at 4 in the afternoon so the group had the time to explore the place that morning. The resort also has mini zoo thus I was able to see ostriches, hedgehogs and deer for the first time.

ostrich, hedgehogs and deer

When afternoon came, I got very excited. Finally, I was able to wear the gown I designed. It’s just simple gold gown with red shawl yet very elegant. I know it could have been more beautiful if accessorized with red lucite flower beads but I don’t want my gown to be more beautiful than that of the bride’s and be the center of attraction. 🙂

wedding sponsor

Those were memorable firsts. We left Isabela the following day with smiles.

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