Head Hunting through Job Search Sites

Finding the right people to hire is now easier with job search sites. There are several of these websites online where companies can post job openings and get the job application process started. Applicants no longer have to fall in line and wait to be entertained at their prospective employers’ offices. Neither do the prospective employers have to spend hours and hours interviewing job applicants who do not necessarily meet their requirements. Starting the job application process through these job search websites significantly reduces the time and effort spent by human resources personnel in screening applicants for their company’s job openings.

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When applicants to your job openings posted in the job search sites signify their interest in your company, you can already pre-screen them through their online profile. As you would in face-to-face applications, you have to review the applicant’s credentials and experience. In some job search websites, job applicants have to fill out an online form and attach their resume. This should give you an idea of the qualifications of your job applicants.

You should also do a background check on your online job applicants. Some applicants might falsify the information they provide you. Be sure to check the veracity of the credentials listed in their resumes. This step is extremely important when it comes to jobs that require certifications, licenses, or diplomas. You should also be able to do a character check based on the information given to you in the online application. Ask for character references. Your investigation will help your get a glimpse of the character, work practices, and values of the job applicant.

After taking these steps, you can make a short list of your candidates. The next step would be to schedule an interview. Again, in these modern times, you can do this online too. You can set an interview date and give instructions to the shortlisted applicants about which messaging program to use during the interview.

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Some Ways to Successfully Gain a Good Network

When looking for jobs, you usually search through recruitment sites, such as Randstad, for jobs in Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere you feel like working really. But you have to understand that searching and applying can only go so far, that’s why creating relationships with successful people in dream companies is a tactic that will make you look more favourable compared to the other applicants.

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Here are some ways to get you started.

1. Talk to people in person

Perhaps the single most important and effective thing you can do to strengthen your network, whether one is speaking professionally or personally, is to get out and talk to people in person. We live in a digital world; that much is undeniable. But people trust people they can see and speak to in person. People read for body language as much as they listen to what’s being said, and if you take the time to see someone in person in today’s busy world, that speaks volumes. Try it the next time you’re trying to get a job or simply get help moving house; if you make a house call, you’re a lot more likely to get the results you’re looking for.

2. Get on the Internet

While it’s important to see people in person, it’s also important to take advantage of the various social networks that have sprung up all over the Internet. Sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are used by millions of people all over the country and planet every day of the year, and if you can get a presence established on one or more of these sites, you’ll have a much easier time getting the word out the next time you’re in search of work or friends.

3. Never Say No

Saying yes is important if you’re trying to build up your social or professional contacts. The truth of the matter is that when you say no, you close doors. You say goodbye to opportunities, as people like to work with positive and agreeable people.

Do whatever you can to say yes to the challenges and opportunities you face, and you’ll find your networks growing without even trying. It’ll make people want to spend time with you and come to you with their personal and professional projects, which is exactly what you’ll need to take advantage of in order to gain a good network.

4. Keep the fire burning

Finally, the fire only keeps you warm when it’s on. Don’t let the fire go out. Stay in touch with your new and old contacts, as you never know when you’ll need them, and if you aren’t available for them, they won’t be available for you.


In conclusion, if you’re interested in gaining a good network successfully, whether to increase the number of contacts you have for obtaining employment or simply to increase your odds of having someone to pass time with during the day, you’ve got to work at it. That means talking to people in person, getting online and seeing what the latest social networks look like, saying yes to opportunities, and keeping in touch with both new and existing contacts.

If it sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is. But it’s certainly worth the reward of having a solid good network of contacts you can rely on when times get tough personally or professionally.

Author Bio: Nicole is a recruitment agent and has been for the past 5 years. She aims to help her clients find jobs and guide them in the right direction. She started writing blogs to share her knowledge to others who are looking for general help and ideas to get them started on their career.

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