The Late Bloomer Me

Being a call center agent for eight years, I was in front of the computer with no web access and confined only to the company’s program for so many years.  I was so naive about the internet and more so about blogging. When I finally resigned from work that was the only time I had the chance to explore the web with the help of my husband who is a Computer Science graduate. Yes, I was a late bloomer when it comes to computer and technology, but learning has no age limit, is not it?

When I had my very first blogsite, that was the beginning of my continuous journey and learning. I learned about SEO (search engine optimization), page ranks, html, CSS, etc. I also learned the importance of web hosting just like justhost hosting. If you are wondering what web hosting is, it is a type of internet service that will allow your website to be accessible in the world wide web. Of course there are thousands of web hosting companies today and most of them are offering great discounts. A great deal may be good but make sure that it does not affect the quality of service provided by the web hosting company. It is best to always do your homework; visit forums, review sites and compare the rates, plans and services each web hosting company is offering.

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