Wonderful Gifts From a Generous Mom

It was sad that I was not able to greet my Mommy friends last Mother’s Day. We went out of town in celebration of the Mother’s Day and didn’t know there was no internet connection to where we went. I was looking for net cafes but to no avail so I didn’t get the chance to go online and thank a very generous Mom.

Our group, Pinay Mommies Community, had this project of exchanging cards in celebration of the Mother’s Day. Each Mommy was assigned to send Mother’s day card to a co-Mommy in PMC. The receiver didn’t know as to whom her card will be from. Exciting, is it not? And so last May 6, I received not just a card but wonderful gifts from my secret Mommy, Levy Martinez of Levyousa and Living Life to the Fullest.


It was a wonderful frame stating how I am in God’s eyes…that God chose me to be a mother because He knew that I can bring love, joy, happiness and caring into His world. She’s so sweet!

Not only that, there are vouchers of more than 2K value inside an envelope…2 vouchers worth P450 each for anti-aging facial treatment at RCC and 2 vouchers worth P600 each at Secret Recipes. Teehee! I can now have a free facial. Indeed these gifts are wonderful!


What made me teary eyed above all is her letter. We haven’t met yet but she seems to know me very well. I never thought that I could meet real friends online.


To my secret Mommy (who is no longer a secret), Levy Martinez, thank you very, very much from the bottom of my heart! Hope to meet you soon, Mommy.

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A Letter to My Hometown

Dear Hometown,

Thinking back of my childhood makes me miss you. A place like you where everyone knows everyone is far different from where we are residing now. There with you, we were living in a small hut made of bamboo and nipa. Life was so simple yet fulfilling. Everyone in the neighborhood is so accommodating and willing to lend a helping hand.

I miss your green rice fields where we used to play tag and catch dragonflies. The same rice fields where we looked for edible snails during rainy season that Mom used to cooked with taro leaves and coconut milk. I miss your river where we go fishing and Mom washed our blankets sometimes. I miss your lake and its small volcano.

I miss my cousins and old friends who were walking with me on our way to school everyday. With our old rubber slippers we go through one kilometer road, unmindful of the scorching heat or heavy rains because on the roadside there were our favorite tamarind and jocote tree where we hid from the boys and eat the fruits.

It’s been five years since I last visited you and I miss so much everything about you. I hope someday, I can buy a small piece of your land and build that same old nipa hut where I can spend the last days of my life with my family and old friends. When that time comes, I want you to welcome me with the smell of dry leaves, cold breeze, peace and tranquility…just like the old times.


Wondering where my hometown is? I grew up in San Nicolas, small town in Batangas, the home of famous tilapia, tawilis, Pansipit River, Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. The photo above was taken from the roof top of my friend Juliet’s house, overlooking the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. My hometown is just beautiful!


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To Our Dear RJ

To Our Dearest RJ,

Last week when you asked us why you have to change your surname when you get married, we smiled and answered you truthfully. Deep inside, we were afraid. Afraid not to be able to play badminton with you anymore; afraid not to be able to push you while you sit on a swing anymore; afraid not to be able to kiss your armpits anymore after playing outside and afraid that you will have your own circle of friends and you won’t have time for us anymore. But eventually, we have to let you go. We thank the Lord that you are growing up healthy, intelligent and enjoying life to the fullest and we are here to support you in every way we can as long as the Lord gives us strength. We will be your best friends to share life’s pain and happiness and you can count on us in everything you do. We love you very much kulasa. Life is indeed a cycle. We started as a couple, God gave you to us and eventually, we’ll end up again as a couple. But, right now, we are enjoying every minute of being with you and no one’s stopping us as we shower you with care, love and values so that you may apply it in life’s cycle.

You are the reason why we are working hard. You are the reason why we are breathing. You are the reason for our happiness. You are everything to us. We love you very much baby and we are praying that may the Lord guide you as you remain pure and simple in His eyes today and always.


Daddy and Mommy

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